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Steelers Football - The Terrible Podcast - Episode 1651

December 12, 2022 - Season 13, Episode 60 of The Terrible Podcast is now in the can. In this Monday show, Alex Kozora and I get right to talking about the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Sunday afternoon home loss against the Baltimore Ravens.We start by talking about the pregame inactive list ahead of Sunday's game and how outside linebacker Malik Reed was on it. We also discuss the injuries suffered during Sunday's loss to the Ravens. We spend a little time talking about the early head injury suffered by rookie quarterback Kenny Pickett and how the concussion protocol was used that allowed him to return briefly before exiting for good. We also talk about if the tackle of Pickett should have been a penalty.We move on to fully break down the play of the Steelers on the defensive side of the football to start. That includes a lot of talk about how the defensive front was run on all game and even after the Ravens' third-string quarterback entered the game late in the third quarter. We discuss the big drive the Ravens had after they blocked a Steelers field goal attempt and the final offensive series that was used to run out the clock, which included a key third down conversion via a run. Alex and I then flip over to the offensive side of the football. We talk about the three interceptions thrown by quarterback Mitch Trubisky after he entered the game and how impactful they were to the loss. We discuss Trubisky being overly aggressive after entering the game. Some praise for rookie wide receiver George Pickens is mixed in and we give our initial thoughts on the Steelers' running game and offensive line play prior to the all-22 tape dropping.Alex and I save time to talk about the Steelers;' special teams play on Sunday and how that was disappointing as well. We mix in other Steelers’ talk throughout this episode that is not noted in this recap post. We also answer a few listener emails late in this show and talk a little about the Steelers' next game and where they sit as far as possible playoff chances.

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