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Buddy Brown takes his massive success of 400 million views and 2 Billboard Country albums to start his own podcast -Giving his take on Life, Music, God and Politics. Conservative views are getting harder to find and Buddy has a long history of telling it to you like family!

Buddy holds nothing back in talking about the poisons of feminism today and what he's had to teach his sons about their traps. He also shares his wife's genius quote that's been life changing inside the Brown family. If you'r...
Buddy talks about how being born when he was gave him a superpower. Also, the habits and beliefs of Millennial's and Gen-Z. How to break out of their curse on America and EAT THEM ALIVE!
Buddy talks about a hypothetical secret society he runs in the South. Also the probability of "Texit" happening in the next few years.
Buddy celebrates his 1 year anniversary of kicking Redman, how getting unrecognized almost everywhere has brought on a wild and unexpected trend.
Buddy goes through his favorite survival books and principals to get ready for the WW3 - then shifts into prepping spiritually, to arm yourself with something even more powerful than our guns and ammo.
Buddy talks about his trip to New Orleans last week for Mardi Gras along with amazing advice on raising kids to become standouts even though we live in the most messed up society known to date!
Magic Kingdom kicking Buddy's family out in 2012; How NOT to get your tools stolen out of your truck at Home Depot! The need for Man Caves.
Buddy tells a hilarious story about a kid in college named Robbie from Boston who came down to Mississippi and made enemies fast at a Crawfish Boil and what happened to him! Also a fun little WW3 update and a note on faith.
It all started with a hilarious phone call from Buddy's brother-in-law who thought he was dying. Buddy learns why Conspiracy Theories ain't always good to follow! Legendary stories PLUS the origins of "Truck Sessions."
Today Buddy tells a hilarious story about his Coffee addiction and talks about Testosterone with legendary stories of President Teddy Roosevelt.