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Rights Back At You

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Amnesty International Canada examines anti-Black racism, policing, and surveillance in a brand new podcast, Rights Back At You. We delve into stories of resistance and meet the people making change unstoppable. From facial recognition and the right to protest to the war on drugs and defunding the police, this series connects the dots and passes the mic to people building a better future now. Together, we unravel the Canada you think you know and challenge the systems that hold back human rights.

Shownotes Episode 5Transcript available HEREContent Note: This episode mentions children in immigration detention and residential schools.Borders have long been sites of colonial enforcement about who can come and go and how ...
15 February 2023
Transcript available HERE. Content note: this episode is about racial profiling“I'm aware that any time I have an interaction with police that my life could be in danger-- or my freedom.” - Gyasi SymondsAfter he was accu...
Shownotes Episode 3Transcript available HERE. Content note: this episode contains mentions of sexual violence “I feel like people would have cared more… about this injustice if I had just died.” - Rowa MohamedRowa Moh...
Content note: episode contains mentions of death, injection drug use and brief mention of suicide around  [4:02] - [5:46]Transcript available HERE.“They’re not cops anymore. They’re soldiers. And we are the enemy” - ...
Content note: brief description of death by police around [19:15]-[19:40] Transcript available HERE“I think it was a very strategic ploy to try to harm me, intimidate me and send a message not only to me, but to my communi...